Downward Graph30 year fixed mortgage rates are hovering at 3.46% which puts them just above the all time low of 3.31% set in December of 2012.  I don’t need to tell you what that means to a borrower.  If you happen to be considering a home purchase, now would be the time to pull the trigger.  Although rates aren’t expected to dramatically rise in the short term, the Federal Reserve is considering raising the Fed Funds Rate which would push up mortgage rates.  The last Fed Funds Rate hike was in December of last  year.

Even if you are on the fence in regard to a  home purchase, knowing what your mortgage would be ahead of time and comparing it to other higher rate percentages may give you the impetus you need to lock in a loan at these incredibly low rates.  Along with finding you the right home, I can make sure you have all of your mortgage rate questions answered to help you in making the soundest decision for you and your family.

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